How to make a foolproof calzone dough and go crazy with the filling

Sunday morning is always a busy day for me like everyone else; a day that can determine the outcome of the week ahead. During this day, free of every other obligations, i clean the house deeply, i do laundry (a ton) , and if i am really in the groove i can iron my clothes too. In the meantime i also want to cook something "special" for lunch because you know is Sunday!
I woke up with the intention of preparing a crockpot veal roast with a side dish of roasted potatoes and i ended up kneeding the dough to make a calzone, this is tipycal of me; changing mind every other minute in regard on what to cook and when.
But back to us , this dough is a direct dough this means that there is not a long proofing time and is very quick and easy to do, furthermore the result is delicious, with this dough you can decide to do a calzone , some pizza or even some bread roll is up to you ,and your mood. Here you are the recipe i decided to fill my calzone with broccoli, buffalo mozzarella and sausage.